The best tips to visit The Hague in Holland

Bicycles in The Hague in Holland

On the occasion of the Volvo Ocean Race  we have had the opportunity to know The Hague, in English,  The Hague , or as you will see written in Dutch in most of the posters,  Deen Haag . This is the first advice we can give you for your trip to The Hague , familiarize yourself with the names of …

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The most interesting historical curiosities of Greenland

Sheep in Greenland

As technologies advance and everyone is able to share their travels, a trend is emerging to discover little-visited corners of the planet. This trend is leading to destinations such as Norway , Finland , Alaska or Iceland becoming more in demand for those photos of unexplored landscapes. But there is a very little visited area, which belongs politically …

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10 best places to visit in Manchester, beyond watching football

Manchester City Hall

We all know that Manchester is not exactly one of the most tourist cities in the   United Kingdom , as if they are London   or Edinburgh .  Or other small cities that are characterized by their monuments or historical environment, such as Bath or York . But in your tourist trip by England  may Manchester becomes a transitional stage, for example, if you use the …

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8-day car route through the best places in Scotland

Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness in the Highlands of Scotland

If you are planning a holiday trip to Scotland  for the purpose of making a route by car  enjoying its beautiful landscapes and visiting its villages and castles, the question is how to prioritize to try to see the most interesting sites . Depending on the days you have available for your trip, you will have …

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Tips for visiting Oxford, historic university town

The Bill Clinton Tavern in Oxford in England

Once you have had the opportunity to make a  first visit to London , for subsequent trips it is advisable to make an excursion to some of the towns that are in the surroundings of the British capital . And one of the first candidates for such an excursion, without a doubt, has to be the historic …

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Dunvegan Castle on the Isle of Skye and the McLeod clan

Dunvegan Castle on the Isle of Skye

On your tour of the Isle of Skye , located northwest of Scotland , in the Highlands Highlands , you will have the opportunity to visit Dunvegan Castle , which has the reputation of being the oldest Scottish castle that has not stopped being inhabited . Indeed, for 800 years Dunvegan Castle has been the home of the Scottish clan of …

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