Andorra – Ski tips in Grandvalira

When it comes to  skiing in Grandvalira , one of the two great  skiing domains of Andorra , you have to know first of all, that it is a large station.

Therefore, traveling from one end to the other and return to the starting point at a smooth pace can take you almost a day, depending on the level of skiing you have.

Grandvalira in Andorra
Grandvalira in Andorra

For this reason, it is good to think about where to stay during your trip to Andorra , specifically, which of the ski areas you will find it more comfortable to choose.

In them there must be fewer skiers since it is an area of ​​passage and learning.

On the other hand, the mentioned  Tarter and Soldeu are the intermediate zones of the station.

They have the advantage that if your accommodation is in these valleys, you will not have too many problems to link the chairlifts to the hotel when the ski day ends.

These two valleys are the only ones that offer you the possibility of returning to the hotel in two different ways, either skiing or on the funicular that takes you to the parking and hotel zone, since both end at the same point.

In the case of Encamp and Canillo , you need to get off at the funicular; of the slopes of Pas de la Casa only skiing.

Skiing in El Tarter and Soldeu

The Tarter is the most complete part of the station.

Excellent for beginners, has several easy tracks and playgrounds to learn progressively.

It also has large slopes with very wide red tracks for more advanced levels. In addition, this valley is where competitions of all kinds are held, and also has a snowpark  that allows you to practice a variety of jumps of all sizes.

El Tarter is the area with the most links to the different valleys, since it joins with three of them ( Canillo, Soldeu and Grau Roig ) by means of its chairlifts.

Grandvalira in Andorra
Grandvalira in Andorra

In the area of ​​the Tarter and Soldeu is where you can get, joining several tracks, make descents for almost all levels from the highest parts of the station, to the lowest already on the road.

Grau Roig , which is in a valley with only one accommodation, and especially Soldeu , are the valleys with more tracks and ski lifts of the whole season, very wide and with incredible landscapes.

Skiing in Pas de la Casa and Grau Roig

If your accommodation is located in Pas de la Casa , you have to take into account that to return from El Tarter, you will have to cross Soldeu and Grau Roig , and it will take a long time since you must take a minimum of four chairlifts with their respective descents.

The accesses to cross from one area to another are well indicated with maps on top of all the chairlifts, which guide you on the different roads.

An information that you should know if you are skiing in Pas de la Casa and you have planned to cross to Soldeu or El Tarter , it is advisable to go early in the morning.

Ski lifts at Grandvalira in Andorra
Ski lifts at Grandvalira in Andorra

This is due to the fact that there is only one access from Grau Roig to Soldeu , which is connected to a 4 person chairlift that usually gets crowded at midmorning.

At the end of the day on the slopes that end at the hotels, if the snow is not in perfect condition, baths are created with the passage of people returning from the rest of the station at the same time, which makes the descent very difficult. final.