Tips for finding a hotel or apartment to ski in GrandValira Andorra

Skiing in GrandValira in Andorra
Skiing in GrandValira in Andorra


Without any doubt, going to Andorra to ski  is one of the trips that can not be missing in my agenda every year.

From that experience, I’ll clarify some of the doubts you may have when choosing where to sleep  on your visit to Grandvalira station .

When you consider looking for a hotel or apartment to ski in GrandValira, you have to keep in mind that there is a very wide offer.

Skiing in GrandValira in Andorra
Skiing in GrandValira in Andorra

The station is made up of several skiable valleys, and being so large, will allow you to stay in different towns that have access to the tracks as you go up the road that goes up to the port of Envalira .

Accommodations in Andorra la Vella

Andorra la Vella , which is the capital, is the first option you find to stay (and the cheapest), but every day it will be necessary to take the car to at least some nearby town ( Encamp is 10 minutes) from which you have access to the ski slopes.

For travelers who are not passionate about skiing, Andorra la Vella offers you the possibility to go shopping in the city taking advantage of the low prices in comparison with those of Spain due to the absence of taxes.

Encamp is the largest municipality with access to the slopes, which makes it one of the cheapest options for accommodation.

A spectacular funicular, known as Funicamp , connects the town with a high area of ​​the station.

The only drawback is that this funicular has a somewhat high price.

Sleeping in Canillo

Continuing the road to France, you will find Canillo , a town that also has access to the slopes.

It is a very cozy town known for its large ice skating rink , another of the usual leisure activities on a ski trip to Andorra.

Grandvalira in Andorra
Grandvalira in Andorra

The gondola lift is located in the center of the town, which makes access to the slopes from this municipality very convenient.

The town of Canillo extends on both sides of the main road that leads to France; This is where the local shops are located.

From Canillo the offer of hotels and apartments is lower since the following populations are mainly lodging and you do not have the feeling of being in a town.

Sleeping in El Tarter

Climbing the mountain in the direction of France, you have more accommodation, several at the foot of the track, which allows you to ski to the hotel or apartment.

That is, you have to hire it well in advance.

El Tarter is the first area with direct access to the slopes from some hotels and apartments.

Landscapes in the sector of Pal de Vallnord in Andorra
Landscapes in the sector of Pal de Vallnord in Andorra

The great advantage of the Tarter is that it is located in the lower half of the station, where there are more blue and familiar tracks.

I can tell you that to travel with the family, from my point of view and experience this is the most recommended area.

Accommodation in Soldeu

A little further on, but very close to the Tarter, you find Soldeu, also a good area for families.

It has more accommodation than the Tarter, especially apartments, to which, just as in the Tarter, you arrive skiing from the slopes.

Soldeu is located right in the middle of the station, which makes it easy to get to know it during your stay.

Grandvalira in Andorra
Grandvalira in Andorra

Finally, and already attached to France, you have Pas de la Casa .

To access it is necessary to finish climbing the port of Envalira , although you have the alternative of a toll tunnel (6 euros) that on days of heavy snow prevents you from climbing higher and encountering problems on the road.

Accommodations in Pas de la Casa

The great advantage of going to Pas de la Casa is that it is the highest area of ​​the station, so snow is more abundant, while the use of chains is quite probable.

Another difference with respect to the latter is that there are not as many blue and familiar clues as in the others. And against it I would add that it is not necessary to get to Pas de la Casa to enjoy the whole season.

Grandvalira in Andorra
Grandvalira in Andorra

It is an area with many low-quality mini-apartments , but they win because of its good location and more affordable price.

There is a lot of young tourism and French origin due to the proximity of that country.

It is also the best shopping area of ​​the station and with the best environment for after skiing.

When planning your trip to the Andorra domain you can find hotels and apartments  in GrandValira  in the search engine .

Without doubt, Grandvalira has a wide range of possibilities when choosing the option that best suits you when it comes to enjoying your ski trip.