India – A day in Varanasi around the essential Ganges River

Ganges River in Varanasi in India

The day in Varanasi , in  India , begins very early, when the first rays of the sun are still not reflected in the waters of the Ganges , or Mother Ganga , as the Hindoos respectfully call their most sacred river. Taking a boat ride at dawn is an essential experience , apart from the special moment, to witness how little …

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India – 5 essential places to visit in Delhi

Lotus Temple in Delhi in India

If you plan to travel to northern India , the capital  Delhi will surely be your gateway. And, we warn you, it’s not an easy city. With its approximately 15 million inhabitants and chaotic traffic – so characteristic of the country – in all its splendor, Delhi is undoubtedly the place where you will experience the greatest cultural shock . …

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