Visit the Charlottenburg Palace, the imprint of the kings of Prussia

If there is a visit in Berlin that will allow you to remember the power of the kings of Prussia , that is undoubtedly the Charlottenburg Palace .

It is a majestic palace that you find in a neighborhood in the west of the capital, something far from the central area, during which you can see sumptuous salons, imperial style furniture, art objects and great works of art.

This impressive palace was a gift from King Frederick I of Prussia to his wife Sofía-Carlota with the purpose of becoming a summer residence.

Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin
Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin

Completed in 1699, after the soon death of the queen, the palace was baptized with its name.

Visit the Charlottenburg Palace

Now when you arrive at the Charlottenburg Palace , the first thing that will catch your attention is the great length of the building and the huge central dome, which was erected in 1713, before which stands a huge equestrian statue.

If in your head you have the image of what a great royal palace should look like, of course your visit to Chartottenburg will not disappoint you.

It is going to be a walk along its two floors, in a succession of rooms, with a more sumptuous decoration, where the Baroque and Rococo styles are combined .

Main hall of the Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin
Main hall of the Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin

That is, I tell you that, just as you can see in the photos displayed in the first room of the palace, the building was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War .

That is why you will be impressed by the restoration work that was carried out to recover the building you are going to visit.

It will be when you get to the central halls of both floors when you can imagine the great festivities that should have been celebrated in them during the time of the kings of Prussia .

And if it depends on your personal taste that you appreciate more or less the different rooms, I tell you that there are two rooms that will not leave you indifferent.

On the one hand, the impressive Porcelain Cabinet , with all the walls and corners covered with porcelain, and on the other, the majestic chapel.

On the top floor you will see several rooms dedicated to museums that show jewels of the German Crown , as well as a large collection of goldsmiths.

Porcelain Cabinet of the Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin
Porcelain Cabinet of the Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin

In Charlottenburg you can also visit one of the largest collections of French painting of the eighteenth century that is kept outside of France.

And, of course, your visit will be incomplete if you do not take a long walk through the royal gardens that extend behind Charlottenburg Palace .

These gardens began to be designed in 1697 in French style , so that a century later they were extended, but already in the characteristic English garden style .

They are free access gardens frequented by Berliners, who come to them for a pleasant walk during which they can discover different corners.

To emphasize in the gardens his pond. the Belvedere , a building that houses a porcelain museum , or the Mausoleum , a neoclassical building where you can see four impressive tombs of kings and members of the  Hohenzolerndynasty .

Stay of the Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin
Stay of the Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin

Charlottenburg Palace Times

The visiting hours of the Charlottenburg Palace are, from April to October, from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 5.30 pm, with closing one hour earlier in the rest of the year.

The price of admission to visit the Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin is 17 euros, with a reduced rate of 13 euros.

The entrance includes the audio guide with which you can listen to the explanations during your tour of the different rooms.