The best tips to visit The Hague in Holland

On the occasion of the Volvo Ocean Race  we have had the opportunity to know The Hague, in English,  The Hague , or as you will see written in Dutch in most of the posters,  Deen Haag .

This is the first advice we can give you for your trip to The Hague , familiarize yourself with the names of the city in both languages, especially in Dutch, and thus you make sure you identify it at all times.

Royal Palace of The Hague in Holland
Royal Palace of The Hague in Holland

There is one thing that we always love about Holland : we have not yet visited any city that has not fallen in love with us, and The Hague was not going to be less.

Binnenhof castle in The Hague in Holland
Binnenhof castle in The Hague in Holland

As they proudly say, it is the perfect city to live .

It is the third largest city in Holland , but  the most important administrative level ,  it is the capital of the country and in The Hague its main venues are the most important public entities, such as the Kings of Holland or the legislative powers and judicial.

It is a very easy city to visit but, if it is convenient to know some information before traveling.

In this article we have prepared a list of frequently asked questions to help you when visiting the city

1. How to get to The Hague?

The Hague is 60 kilometers south of Amsterdam and without a doubt the best option is to go by train; forget about other combinations because they are not worth it.

Commercial passage in The Hague in Holland
Commercial passage in The Hague in Holland

It is the fastest and most comfortable and the train leaves you in the center.

2. Where to change or withdraw money in The Hague? Credit cards?

The currency used in the Netherlands is the Euro

If you need euros, our advice is almost always the same, take out money at one of the ATMs in the city, since they usually charge a fixed fee of around 2 euros and the change is usually the best one they will give you.

Much better than in the airports and in the center of the cities.

As for credit cards , they are accepted in all shops, so in practice it is not necessary to have more cash than you may need for an emergency, in case the card does not work, or some small expense. .

Of course, it is essential to have activated the card option of payments abroad that incorporate some of them, which can be activated or deactivated online .

3. What public transportation to use in The Hague and how to do it?

The most convenient is the tram , especially when you want to go to the port area, the beach and the promenade.

It is a transport that you can use continuously to shorten travel times.

Bicycle and tram in The Hague in Holland
Bicycle and tram in The Hague in Holland

Ideally if you want to move by tram is to take a ticket for a whole day, which is the most convenient and you can buy it in vending machines almost any station or online .

The price of a single trip is 3.5 euros and you can use it for one hour, while the price of a full day is 6.5 euros, so using it twice already compensates.

You have to validate the ticket when entering the tram, and also when leaving, if not the card does not work well, and when you want to re-enter, you will not be able to pass.

To know where to ride and how to get around, the most convenient thing to do is to manage yourself with Google Maps . Activate the location, enter the address where you are going, click on the public transport tab and you will see the best combination right away.

Another option is to move around The Hague by bicycle , which we always do at least one day.

It is the option that gives you more freedom to move around The Hague, and since everything is flat and without unevenness, it is very easy to use.

All the inhabitants of The Hague move by bicycle. Even the Kings of Holland !

Hotel Des Indes Luxury The Hague
Hotel Des Indes Luxury The Hague

4. Where to sleep in The Hague?

Since choosing the area in which to book a hotel or apartment is one of the tasks in which we spend the most time when organizing a trip, we have decided to help you.

Here we leave an article where we explain the different areas where to stay in The Hague and what is the best option according to your priorities.

We stayed at the Hotel Des Indes , an authentic emblem of the city, where many of the world’s diplomats have stayed in their visits to the Netherlands.

5. Excursion to The Hague from Amsterdam

Another option for your trip is to sign up for a trip to The Hague from Amsterdam if you are staying in this Dutch city, which also includes tickets without queues to the sites to visit.

Gravenstraat in The Hague
Gravenstraat in The Hague

6. Is it worth it to rent a car?

Clearly the answer is no. It is best to move on public transport or bicycle .

In all the Dutch cities it is a nightmare to move by car, since unlike most cities in the world, the car is the last one in everything.

Bicycles and pedestrians almost always have priority over cars.

Bicycles in The Hague in Holland
Bicycles in The Hague in Holland

It is a very strange feeling that you have in all the Dutch cities and that in our opinion it should be exported to the rest of the world.

7. Where and how to rent a bicycle in The Hague?

There are a large number of bike rental shops in The Hague .

The price per day that we paid to rent a bicycle was 17 euros, and the store is found through Google Maps.

To rent the bicycle we chose a store that was very well connected with the tram so that it would be easy to go and look for it, and then, after returning, to return to where we wanted to and not stay hanging.

Bicycles in The Hague in Holland
Bicycles in The Hague in Holland

8. Eye when walking if you are a pedestrian

Be very careful when you walk around the city, make sure you are walking in the lane for pedestrians, since in Holland there are many bicycles.

The roads have specific signs for cars, bikes and pedestrians.

Make sure when you walk that you’re going in the right lane; As it is not so, you will see that it is common for cyclists to warn you by ringing the bike.

The clin-clin  of the bicycles is a sound that you will hear many times in The Hague.

9. What to eat and where in The Hague?

At lunchtime, one of the star products in Holland is the herring with onions , and in The Hague it was not going to be less.

Dutch cheeses in The Hague in Holland
Dutch cheeses in The Hague in Holland

We try them in one of the street stalls that are in the port, and if you are curious, I will tell you that the price of each herring is 2.5 euros.

In addition there are many restaurants with beautiful sunsets in the area of ​​the seafront where you eat spectacular.

We pointed out some restaurants in The Hague that we liked during our visit.

Waterproef , in full port, with the specialty of fish.

De Waterreus on the promenade, the perfectto dine watching the sunset place, we loved the lobster ( lobster ).

Gember , next to the Museum of Photography , a restaurant that has somevegan and Indonesiandishes, since in The Hague there is a lot of Indonesian immigration.

Selection of breads in a restaurant in The Hague in the Netherlands
Selection of breads in a restaurant in The Hague in the Netherlands

We also highlight, Meneer Chocola , the best chocolate shop in The Hague , and of course the restaurant of the  Des Indes Hotel , where you eat very well, not least is the luxury hotel in the city.

10. What time do you eat and have dinner in the Netherlands?

It is very important to know the meal times, or you can take the surprise of not having dinner.

Breakfast is served very early, between 7 and 8 o’clock, because lunchtime is from 12 until 2 o’clock.

This makes the dinner also go ahead and start from 6 in the evening, to last until 9 at night.

Be careful if you like to hurry dinner time, because it is not easy to eat something after 9 o’clock at night.

Canals in The Hague in Holland
Canals in The Hague in Holland

11. Weather and clothes to take on a trip to The Hague

In all this area of ​​Europe the same thing happens, summer is usually something hot, but it is not usual to exceed 25 degrees on good days, and it is also when more sunny days can be seen.

You could say that in summer is perfect with short sleeves and shorts in the sun, taking into account that you have to take something to warm up, in case it gets cloudy, and also at night refreshes a little.

In winter it is another thing, the sun can be seen little, it can be cold, especially because of the humidity, and most of the days the sky is usually covered with clouds.

Rains are frequent, which makes the whole of Holland very green.

Noordeinde shopping street in The Hague
Noordeinde shopping street in The Hague

12. Do I need to take out travel insurance to travel to The Hague?

Insurance is very important when traveling.

Moreover, never travel without adequate insurance, we always say it, it can be a mistake that you can regret.