Where to stay in The Hague, what are the best areas?

Each person looks for different things and prioritizes in certain aspects when deciding where to stay in a city where you are going to travel.

But what is clear is that more or less the most important aspects are common, book near the center, hotels with good views, accommodations that are well connected, etc …

Corner of the historic center of The Hague in Holland
Corner of the historic center of The Hague in Holland

We will explain in this article what are the best areas to stay in The Hague , a city that we have known in depth on our recent trip to Holland .

The Hague in Holland
The Hague in Holland

Best areas to stay in The Hague

The Hague is a city that can be visited on trips from Amsterdam , but if you are planning to spend some night in it, we will help you get to know the city so you can decide in which area to book accommodation .

To make it very easy, we will organize the information according to the priorities when booking a lodging, so each one can choose the ideal option.

The prices of hotels in The Hague vary according to season, ranging from 40 euros in a hostel , 60-80 euros in most of the standard hotel chains, or 150-250 euros a top 5 stars like the Des Indes Luxury .

The best option to stay, between the station and the center

The first relevant information is to know which is the central station , which acts as the backbone of transport in the interior of The Hague and communicates it with other cities in the Netherlands.

Binnenhof castle in The Hague in Holland
Binnenhof castle in The Hague in Holland

The central train station is called Den Haag  (the name of the city in Dutch), and it is also the station you come to if you come by train from the Amsterdam airport , which is the most common option for all of us who travel to Holland by plane.


From the Den Haag station to the historic center you can walk in 5 minutes, so in practice the area of ​​the station and the historic center are linked.

If you are going to walk, evidently the closer the station is to the chosen hotel, the better, but also the further you get away from it, the closer you will be to the main streets.

In any case, if you do not want to walk to the historic center, there are several trams that go in that direction (lines 15 and 16) and there will be only two or three stops.

The good thing about being close to the central station , is that you have all the tram connections without having to change, for example, if you want to go to the beach (line 16) or Madurodam museum (line 9), which are 20 minutes from Den Haag .

Hotel Des Indes Luxury The Hague
Hotel Des Indes Luxury The Hague

In the same area very close to the station is the aforementioned Hotel Des Indes Luxury where we stayed on our trip.

It is located on the oldest boulevard in Europe and is one of the most beautiful and historic hotels in The Hague .

Sleeping near the Scheveningen park in The Hague

Halfway between Den Haag central station and the beach is this area to which we refer, which is reached by tram lines 16.1 and 9.

To go from the central station you  have to get on a tram and you arrive in less than 10 minutes. The advantage is that you are halfway between the historic center and the beach.

It is the greenest part of The Hague , since here lies the huge Scheveningen Park , the true lung of the city.

Madurodam next to the Scheveningse Forest in The Hague
Madurodam next to the Scheveningse Forest in The Hague

Next to the park is the aforementioned miniature Holland museum , a must-see in the city.

It is a very quiet area in which there are hardly any hotels, but most are four stars of large hotel chains such as Novotel , Marriot or Crown .

In addition to hotels, you can find many apartments for rent, since from the historic center to the beach is a mainly residential area, with typical houses of Dutch architecture.

Sleeping near the beach in The Hague

What is certain is that near the beach you will find some of the most charming and romantic places to sleep in the city.

And not so much because the hotels or apartments are more beautiful than the rest of the city, but because having the sea next door is special.

Pier The Hague
Pier The Hague

The good thing about this area is to have the room facing the sea, and more specifically the Pier .

The sun falls behind the sea and here you can enjoy sunsets of the most beautiful we have ever seen.

In this area you have many restaurants and beach club  where you can walk while the sun goes down. Definitely a great place to relax.

To get there from the Den Haag station you have to take a tram from the several lines that go in that direction.

If at the end you decide to stay in this area of ​​the city, look closely at the line that passes closest to your hotel, since from the central station all the lines that go to the beach go in parallel, and each one reaches a different height from the beach.

Here is the link to find a hotel in The Hague at booking.com .