Bridge of Sighs and the Clinton Tavern, curious corners in Oxford

Do you know that in Oxford there is also a Bridge of Sighs , very similar to the famous bridge in Venice ?

Indeed, it is one of the most curious corners you can see in your visit to Oxford , the historic university city north of London . next to that is another place with a curious story, the Turf Tavern .

Bridge of Sighs in Oxford
Bridge of Sighs in Oxford

If you have had the chance to see the Bridge of Sighs of Venice , as soon as you see the one in Oxford you will have the feeling that they are similar, although in reality, if you look closely, they are quite different.

Bridge of Sighs in Oxford
Bridge of Sighs in Oxford

The Bridge of Sighs of Venice was built in 1614 and connects the Doge’s Palace with the building where their dungeons are located.

Bridge of Sighs of Oxford

For its part, the Bridge of Sighs of Oxford joins two buildings of Hertford College , just opposite the monumental complex formed by the Bodleian Library and the   Sheldonian Theater .

Also known as the Hertford Bridge , it was completed in 1914.

The bridge incorporates stairs up and down, and joins the buildings known as the New Patio and the Old Court , dedicated to administrative areas of the college and residence of students.

While its popular denomination seems to come from its resemblance to the Venetian bridge, there are various urban legends about it.

One of them, they told me during my trip to Oxford , is that it is called that because it was the place where the boys and girls housed in the university residence had to be separated, who lived in different buildings.

I’ll tell you about it that Hertford was one of Oxford’s first mixed colleges .

The Bill Clinton Tavern in Oxford in England
The Bill Clinton Tavern in Oxford in England

The Clinton Tavern in Oxford

When you are under the Bridge of Sighs , you will find a very narrow passage with a small sign indicating Turf Tavern .

Do not hesitate to enter and get to the bottom of the passage.

There, in a narrow courtyard, you will find a typical Irish tavern , very popular among Oxford students, which during the weekends and, especially, in the afternoons and summer nights, always has a very busy terrace.

This popular tavern shows as a flag that there was where Bill Clinton , ex-president of the United States, during his stay as a student at the University of Oxford in the 60s, did not inhale smoke while smoking illegal substances .

A curious place where it’s worth having a beer …