Beijing – How to visit the Mutianyu sector on the Great Wall

Great Wall of China in Mutianyu near Beijing

If you want to visit the Great Wall of China in the Beijing area , but want to escape the main sector of Badaling for being the most saturated with tourists, you have as the most recommended option the Mutianyu sector . Like Badaling, the Mutianyu sector of the Great Wall is not far from Beijing, only 70 kilometers away. On …

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What to see and what activities to do in your Shanghai visit

Colonial-era building in the Bund district of Shanghai

It is the universal exhibition that put China  at the top of world prominence, and which in its day was a good excuse to visit Shanghai . From the outset I will tell you that Shanghai is the best exponent of modernity towards which this great Asian country is inexorably heading. Although in Shanghai you find diverse samples of the …

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7 places to see in the Forbidden City of Beijing

Living Mental Culture in the Imperial Palace in Beijing

When  you visit  China’s Imperial Palace , better known as the  Forbidden City , on your  trip to China , you will find that it is located to the north of the great  Tiananmen Square . After your long walk through this great square in Beijing and you want to  visit the Forbidden City , you will find a large building that has …

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